Beyond the Dream Horse

Summer weekend with the horses

August 20, 21, 2016

St. Malo, Manitoba





Allowing your horse expression, thinking, learning and choice for mutual understanding in free will. It is teaching without any kind of forced restraint, no halters, bits, spurs or whips.

It is about perception of life, being who you are, taking off rose-coloured glasses, letting go of old doctrines, seeing interconnectedness within our world and how simple it is to not only understand another species but also ourselves.

No Riding /No Horse Experience Necessary

Discover the simplicity which seems so elusive

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Workshop: Saturday, Sunday: August 20 & 21, 2016

NHE (Nevzorov Haute Ecole) International Seminar 2015

September 19-20, Quebec, Canada

Michael Bevilacqua NHE Senior Representative and author of Beyond the Dream Horse  presented the NHE International Seminar 2015 hosted by Cloé Lacroix

This seminar explored Michael's own experience revealing the progressive change in himself & of his horses and re-visited the core of the relationship with the horse within NHE. Various topics listed below.

A private weekend to share with like-minded people from all over to focus on a unique approach and insight about how to bring the relationship to a new level, develop willingness, thinking, understanding in the horse without any type of force or punishment and to enrich ourselves. Discover the simplicity of what seems so elusive.

The weekend included the Friday night cocktail 'meet and greet' buffet, a fabulous breakfast and lunch buffet provided Saturday and Sunday, presentations and discussions with Michael and Cloé with demonstration, participation and personal coaching out with the horses.

Some Featured Topics...

Back to nature - importance of reconnecting with ourselves
The mentality shift to unleash horse potential and willingness
Establishing a new relationship
Understanding and dealing with physical, mental and emotional history and present states
Managing fear and confidence
Opening & discovering communication with the horse
Basic exercises/movements and putting them together
Example of a 7-day progression
Importance of natural collection & allowing the horse to consciously go into it
Importance of play and how-to
What is the cordeo and how to use it
Understanding 'The Horse is Always Right'
Where is discipline?
Common problems/errors that arise
Review and progression of NHE elements
Lifestyle and health issues

Presentations by Michael Bevilacqua, NHE Senior Representative and  Cloé Lacroix, Dean of the online school

The seminar presented the main philosophy behind NHE which is to treat the horse with respect and to level the playing field. That is to view the horse as an equal without any notion of dominance that is so commonly perpetuated in the horse world. The main objective was to help people realize that the only ‘method’ required was to find a way to become understandable to the horse. There is no textbook formula to expressing love and that there is nothing to stand in the way of simply communicating with a different species that is more than capable of comprehending. There was an emphasis and a lot of discussion about the mentality shift in regard to the view of the horse.

Cloe presented her own video clips of her horse Thunder, walking in hand (cordeo), different examples of identifying different objects, warm up, pedestal, play, identifying letters, spelling and more. The video presentation with her horse describes the beginning of developing a relationship, working on composure, the art of asking and the importance of knowing when to stop asking. The participants appreciated Cloe’s presentation and they said that it made the exercises accessible by seeing it in action, how it all starts and develops onward.

I believe that there should be one important lesson or piece of information that a person walks away with after any presentation. My aim is that people see the horse differently than they did before. I must add, that I want the people to also see the hidden potential within themselves.

This year, people were very diverse regarding horse experience. Some have horses, some do not. Everyone seems to walk away with my general message but also with something that is very important to them. That 'something' could be widely varied. Yet, despite my personal goal in the presentations over the weekend, what they leave with within their hearts is very positive nonetheless.

This great group of people could very well be the culmination in the change that I have witnessed over the years. It is about perception of life, being who you are, taking off rose-coloured glasses, letting go of old doctrines, seeing interconnectedness within our world and how simple it is to not only understand another species but also ourselves.

I want people to go back home to their own horses and do what they learned. Or not do, after they learned. Those with horses and those without, I believe, left with a lot more on their minds and within their hearts. I think I know horses. They taught me a lot more about people, too.

Angela Muskat:  It was very special and life changing for me. So grateful for this event.

 The spacious and rustique room is where the main indoor activities took place, including the fabulous meals catered by Cloe for the participants. For the outdoor sessions, everyone carpooled up to the nearby stable for practical demonstrations.

Sabine D Hobbs An experience of a lifetime in so many ways.  

There were a few horses that were available for the event but it was still dependent on whether they were comfortable with all the people showing up. Although it certainly aroused a lot of curiosity, the horses that were willing followed the people into the paddock. Participants really liked the fact that the paddock door was always open and that the horses chose to stay with them, rather than grazing on the 70 acres available.

Saturday is always for meeting each other. There is observation, learning of each other, the start of 'talking' and listening to each other through small interactions. It went pretty well considering that the people to the horses are complete strangers.

Anne-Marie Gauthier Un énorme merci pour la magnifique fin de semaine

(A huge thank you for the magnificent weekend)

Marianne NielsenA most amazing and heart connection weekend with awesome people and awesome horses <3 thanks to Michael Bevilacqua and Cloé Lacroix

Cristina Bonilla: Thank-you so much for sharing your gentle world and allowing me to see it through your eyes. 

Stephanie Myddelton: It was an honour to be able to participate with you in this very special experience with both the horses and the wonderful participants. It was a very powerful weekend for me and so nice to be with so many fellow seekers sharing a common deep respect for life in all its forms.  Truly an amazing weekend!!!

Andrea Wyrsch: The seminar was so much more than I could ever have dreamt, so much energy, beautiful people and horses...  and great food:) Thank you so much Michael and Cloé to share your knowldege and wisdom. So happy to have lived this experience together with my daugther.

Vivianne Laramee-Berthelette: Je veux vous remercier pour le merveilleux weekend que j ai passé avec vous. J ai beaucoup beaucoup appris sur les chevaux, moi- meme, NHE et la vie.

(I want to thank you for the marvelous weekend that I spent with you. I learned so much about horses, myself, NHE and life.)

That's all folks...


The personal connection with people and people with horses reached a new level. What quietly transpired between the group and the horses was wonderful to behold! Learning to play with a ball, learning about the cordeo, a hoof placement, also with elevation for stretching in preparation for Spanish Walk, schapp, vertical flexion in preparation for natural collection, understanding use of the twig, sangre fria, practical exercises for people and horses... or simply spending quiet time together. All little pieces of communication and understanding.

Your way of teaching is deep, you allow people to find their way, this is refreshing. That alone is a lesson I can learn a lot from! Jose Schell - QC

We hope to carefully navigate these new waters so as to provide the best opportunity to bring a new found joy in the human/horse relationship with and for our horses. Jaime Kempers & Cory Conley- ON

Horses saying 'No', indifference, to noticing and accepting open 'dialogue'. The horses quickly learned that this group of people was pleasantly different...
No force, no dominance, no physical or psychological intimidation or manipulation from humans. Real interaction allowing people and horses to truly be themselves and develop a real trust and two-way relationship.

Thank you for putting so much of yourself into a great seminar. I know I’ll be feeling the effects of it for a long time. One of the things I found myself thinking about today was letting go of the idea of “training” anything.  I loved what you said about it’s not what we put on the outside of the horse but more what we build from the inside. I’ll be pondering the whole thing for some time to come. Molly Jordan - CA

The more I think about the horses and how they interacted , the more I appreciate horses as a whole. Totally amazing interaction with all things considered and yet , peacefully 'just in the flow of possibility' if we can just allow ourselves to 'be' in that place.
Blessings and heartfelt thanks
. Liz Lane - UK


The fine people of this seminar came prepared. It is no surprise that they are well-informed through research, study and most importantly, had life/horse experience before the seminar and were seeking further knowledge, clarification or affirmation of a beautiful way of being with horses. They were not observers of what is possible, but real participants who each experienced their own magical moments. While waiting after inviting the horses, surprising to me, but a very important experience, is how people really like the cordeo experience. The person wearing the cordeo would be led 'blind' (eyes closed). The absolutely most subtle signals that are felt even through layers of clothing! Quite an eye-opener!

Merci à toi Michael pour ta passion, ton amour des chevaux et ta grande générosité. Merci à toi Cloé de ta présence, ta douceur et ton accueil inconditionnel. Merci à chacun d'entre vous. C'est réconfortant et rassurant de sentir qu'ensemble nous créons une communauté authentique et respectueuse entre nous et les chevaux. Merci pour ça!!!
Louise Sigouin – QC 2013

The horses are loose on 70 acres. We were in an enclosure on a plateau, with a great view but this enclosure is open at both ends. The horses who came to us did so by invitation and their acceptance. Not unlike our own meet and greet cocktail on Friday night, this was meet and greet between people and horses. 

You gave us all inspiration and validation that what we've felt and sensed all along is real, is true, is The Way. You are the light along the dark path that revolutionaries must walk.
Lisa Couturier - MD 2013


Another great year! The people had all different backgrounds and different experience with horses but we were all on the same page. It is often referred to as a gathering of 'like-minded' people - it is really a gathering of like-hearted people. Everyone had a chance to do something wonderful. So many beautiful moments, big and small, quiet and active, personal and demonstrative with both people and horses.

The content that you have provided through your book, articles, videos and now this seminar coupled with Cloe’s input has clearly revealed the potential for interacting with horses through communication and understanding. Merging with the dynamics of the very special people who attended the seminar, the outcome was an experience of togetherness, learning and joy which engendered trust, empathy, empowerment and enlightenment. - Andrew Smail, Netherlands - 2012

Every time I go out to see my horses I remember the many fascinating subjects we covered and the excellent conversations we had over that special weekend. There are so many new ideas I got from you on different ways to interact with my horses, it will take me till next year to try them all. Maya Angelou said that people may forget what you say, and they may forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Bonnie Beresford, ON, Canada - 2012

I want to thank you once again for this extraordinary weekend. Thank you for being so genuine, thoughtful, and supportive.  This is rare and it really resonated with me. -  Edward Pershwitz - TX, USA - 2012

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Michael. It was great to be with so many like-minded people who all have only the interest of the horse at heart, even though we may be at different parts of that journey. I know this international NHE seminar added more clarity and insight to my own personal journey. The relaxed meet and greet evening, the fantastic location and of course the yummy  food – they all contributed to a great weekend. Thank you! -  Vicki Van Rossem, Netherlands 2012


"I have attended many, many seminars but this was one of the most wonderful experiences I've had. Your extraordinary passion and commitment are inspirational... it was great to see you hold to the principles in the face of pressure you must have been feeling to make demonstrations and audience participation happen. The single biggest message was to be with the horses, feel them, offer them the choice to participate but not make them do anything they didn't show they wanted to do. Very powerful...and very did not bring the huge egos to the party that many of your famous peers ( you really don't have peers) bring. Your approachability...your respect for your audience...and your calm, gentle nature were refreshing and wonderful to be around..." - John Darman, MA, USA, Participant, NHE International Seminar 2011


Article about International Seminar 2010


And North American premiere of The Path of the Horse by Stormy May

Special presentation by Algonquin spiritual leader Dominique Rankin Twaminik

Noted Workshops

Hopeland, Pitt Meadows, B.C., was so accomodating for this workshop. The March 2011 weekend of the 'supermoon', the serenity of the land, the waterfalls and chimes in the wind welcomed us with love and hospitality. Thanks to Jana Schmidt for hosting this workshop and who helped change my life a little more...


Campe Verde, Arizona

Jackpot Ranch


Palgrave, ON

Horses by Nature

A Gentle Wave of Change Has Grown Within Quebec
Douce Vague de Changement

Private Workshop in Quebec, Canada / Clinic Privé, Quebec, Canada

May 2011
A remarkable group of women created the first Quebec-based gathering for higher awareness, understanding and relationship with the horse.

This group could very well influence the future of horse-human interaction and the welfare of the horse within Quebec. Their varied experience, quest for knowledge, determination, and consideration and love for the horse will continue to grow and be a source of light for others from the four corners of Quebec.

I was priviledged and honoured to meet such 'cream of the crop' within my own province. A gentle wave of change is upon us.

Thanks to Isabelle Tremblay and L'écurie du Même Oeil of St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, for hosting this gathering, and Helene Bernier, M.D., of Les Ecuries Namasté and Marie-Jacques Rouleau for participation and support.

Ce groupe pourrait très bien influencer l'avenir de l'interaction homme-cheval et le bien-être du cheval au Québec. Leur expérience variée, quête de la connaissance, la détermination et la même considération et d'amour pour le cheval va continuer à croître et à être une source de lumière pour les autres venus des quatre coins du Québec. J'ai été privilégié et honoré de rencontrer ces «crème de la crème" dans ma propre province. Une douce vague de changement est à nos portes.

Merci à Isabelle Tremblay et L'écurie du Même Oeil de St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, d'accueillir cette réunion, Hélène Bernier, M.D., des Ecuries Namasté et Marie-Jacques Rouleau de participation et de soutien.


Am I glad that I finally got to meet the ‘hippie trippie horseman’! Our shared experience with you and the group has been very special at a number of levels. In you I feel at the very personal level as though I have met up with a kindred soul at precisely the time I needed to. -Andrew Smail - Netherlands

Michael Bevilacqua’s Nevzorov Haute Ecole seminar was a bright light shining into the future of horse-human relationships. Michael artfully demonstrated how to begin a true relationship with a horse, teaching us how to allow that relationship to grow without any force into a partnership that goes beyond the boundaries of our respective species. Few people in this world have this gift of being able to pass on the larger perspective that we need in order to evolve in consciousness.

Michael, I think what struck me the most was your simple authenticity. You weren’t trying to put on a show, entertain people or even particularly change their minds, you were just sharing what you love and that was evident.
Stormy May - CA

Je voulais juste te dire a nouveau a quel point j’ai apprecie le seminaire! J’y ai trouvé les reponses a de nombreux question philosophiques, conceptuelles et techniques. L’evenement etait un point tournant pour moi qui a confirmé plusiers de mes choix.

Je trouvais aussi important de te dire a quel point je suis etonnée et enthouisiasmée par les suivis que tu fais, par le materiel que tu nous envoies et les nouvelles reflexions que tu nous fournies. J’ai participé a bien des cliniques et jamais jusqu’a maintenant un ‘clinicien’ n’a pris le temps ou n'avait le soucis de faire de tels suivis!

Merci enormement pour ton temps! Chacune de tes interventions post-seminaire sont tres, tres apprecieées! Merci d'avior ouvert toutes grandes les portes du ‘possible’! 
Arianne Cimon-Fortier - Montreal

The NHE clinic in Canada was a eye opener. It’s one thing to read the words and descriptions of NHE on the forum, but to see NHE I action is so much more instructive. Because of the required change in human thought patterns and demeanor in the presence of horses, the demonstration of patience and ease with the horses is so necessary for anyone who has cared for horses by traditional methods. - 
Elizabeth Ann Sharp - CO

The something that clicked for me was the day I read your first article in Natural Horse, and I will always thank you for shining the truth my way. I’m just hoping you will someday feel inspired to write a book. You are a powerful voice in this world. 
Alene Sibley - MA

(Thank you, Alene. Your message motivated me to write the book, 'Beyond the Dream Horse'. You have helped change the world. - Michael)

I just wanted to write and thank you again for the seminar. I was deeply impressed by everything you said and showed us. I think I learned enough that I can start to work and play with our camels and horses. I consider the trip coming all the way there very worthwhile. 
Stuart Camps - CA

I deeply enjoyed this clinic. I’ve felt a great and lingering peace, and at the same time, a reluctance to put into words the powerful effect it had on me. The great simplicity of it all. The deceptions of habitual perception, the limitations of the written word, and the power of silence. Thank you again, Michael, for sharing your insights. You have a great gift as a teacher. 
- Eva Knodt - CA

I have never been to a seminar like this one. All that went on that weekend was exactly how it was suppose to be. You have done an incredible job. I am still flying high. This weekend has been the highlight and tipping point of my life. Thank you so much. 
Jana Schmidt - B.C.

Thanks again for a lovely weekend. It was more than worth the trip.
 - Toni Billo - Alberta

I suppose among all the students I would single out Michael Bevilacqua, Equi-Forme. He is one who possesses a man’s character, at a practically ‘Russian’ level ! Furthermore, he is a very gentle man who perfectly understands delicate nuances. He is very talented concerning horse education, thanks to his strength and gentleness, two ingredients of character. I really value Michael and I am very sorry that he is so far from Russia. - Alexander Nevzorov